In Time

Andrew Niccol’s nearly fifteen years as a writer and director have produced results as uneven as his latest, In Time. As with Gattaca (which he also wrote and directed), In Time, explores a master and slave race, framed with the idea that each person is born with a glowing, green clock on their arm. When a person turns twenty five, that clock begins to count down from three hundred and sixty five years. Without buying new time, the clock will... Read More

Jennifer’s Body

A film headlining Megan Fox should serve as a warning to anyone expecting a decent cinematic experience. Does anyone else feel the STDs emanating from that airbrushed sultry stare? ¬†Seeing how she handled the pseudo-witticisms¬†provided by Diablo Cody seems like it would be an interesting way to spend an evening at the theatre, but make no mistake, there’s not much to see in Jennifer’s Body. A follow up to Juno must seem a little daunting.... Read More