25th Hour

25th Hour reads as a very angry love letter from Spike Lee to New York City.  It’s certainly one of Lee’s better joints, the piece of a competent, mature filmmaker, not some of the blathering drivel we’ve seen in some of his movies.  25th Hour is well worth checking out. The story follows Irish, New York drug dealer Monty (the impeccable Edward Norton).  He’s not big time, but not necessarily small time either.  The police... Read More

True Blood

Anytime Alan Ball puts something out, I’ll be the first one to eat it up. He wrote the script for the psycho-sexual drama American Beauty, he created and directed several episodes of the brilliant HBO series Six Feet Under, and he wrote/directed the upcoming Aaron Eckhart movie Towelhead (which was amazing as well, go see it when it hits theaters).  So when I heard that he had created another HBO series, I got giddy. The new show, True Blood,... Read More