Sundance – Interview with Bellflower director Evan Glodell

The festival is coming to a close, and Bellflower is still standing out in my mind as one of my favorites, certainly one of the most unforgettable. Evan Glodell (the guy in the bloody t-shirt), the film’s director, writer, star, producer and editor, was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions for BFR. The interview is below. And check out the film’s review here. BFR: First off, congratulations. Your film is fantastic. Glodell:... Read More

Sundance – Bellflower

Bellflower is a genuinely upsetting film in all the very best ways. It was filmed on a shoestring budget, and yet for the most part, you would never be able to tell. It’s terrifyingly beautiful, in an apocalyptic sort of way. This is the exact type of experimental filmmaking that Sundance has been charged with discovering and nurturing. To explain what Bellflower about is a bit of a conundrum. First, the best thing you can do is go into... Read More