Guest Review: The Messenger

Last year at Sundance, I caught a screening of Oren Moverman’s The Messenger (you can read my review here).  In the chaos of the festival, I never really had the time to sit down and write out a decent review.   Thankfully, my new found friend, and fellow cinephile, Justin, has written a much more thorough and thoughtful piece on the film.  We differ in our opinions, but his review is convincing enough, I’m going to give The Messenger... Read More


Pandorum is another one of those sci-fi movies that attempts to explore the psychological impact of participating in something that so beyond this world.  Unlike Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, or Tarkovsky’s Solaris, where the focus turns to the spiritual and metaphysical, Pandorum is just an attempt at a thrill ride that just happens to take place deep in space. This film comes to us from German director Christian Alvart.  Alvart’s most... Read More

The Messenger

There’s something slightly odd about a former Israeli army officer making a movie about broken American veterans of the war in Iraq. But that’s just what The Messenger is.  The film is Oren Moverman’s directorial debut and is currently in competition at Sundance. The story follows Will (Ben Foster), a decorated war hero that came home with a purple heart for saving some friends during an attack in some nameless Iraqi city. Although... Read More