Five movies that convince me sexual promiscuity is a dangerous, dangerous game

Sex seems to cause an awful lot of problems in the world of film. These movies have provided me with clear, dangerous consequences of such activities. 5 – Match Point Infidelity can make very beautiful people do some very violent things. Betrayal, affairs, murders. Murders to cover up murders. In Woody Allen’s Dostoevskian world, things turn out okay for our anti-hero. But if Russian literature is anything to go on, the oncoming... Read More

Five movies that make me never want to move to the suburbs

Since Netflix created an entire genre called Dark Suburban Dramas and keeps recommending me films from it, I’ve realized that I do, in fact, like dark suburban dramas. ┬áSo I’ve created this top five list of movies that make me want to stay as far away from suburbia as humanly possible. 5 – American Beauty Yes, there’s something about Sam Mendes that makes me want to run screaming the other way suburbia, and American Beauty... Read More