The Informers

Perhaps it’s the fact that director Gregor Jordan (who has made multiple appearances at Sundance since 1996) compared himself to Robert Altman, and this film to Short Cuts during the Q&A, but The Informers is just a film that I can’t jump behind.  You could also chalk it up to not understanding a single thing that came out of the eighties (I was 5 in 1989).  Or the fact that the movie was just too disjointed to be enjoyable.  Either... Read More

A Simple Plan

‘Sometimes good people do evil things.’ In this case, evil people do evil things.  And it’s wickedly entertaining watching them do it.  A Simple Plan was released in 1998, and should be seen by everyone. Directed by Sam Raimi (The Grudge 2, The Messengers), this film is uncharacteristically good, coming from someone with his precedence.  The story follows Hank (Bill ‘pick up the paycheck’ Paxton), his semi-retarded... Read More

Eagle Eye

Remember, in the trailer, when Rosario Dawson’s character in Eagle Eye quips, ‘What if it’s a decoy, to distract us from something fifty times bigger?’  In the same vein, this film distracts the viewer with explosions, car chases, Shia LaBeouf’s facial hair, and computers with artificial intelligence, so we don’t notice the bigger issue: this film blows. I’m not sure it’s director D.J. Caruso’s... Read More