The Hangover Part II

I suspected that I wouldn’t enjoy the return of the Wolf Pack as much asthe first time. I wasn’t expecting to be this disappointed.  Todd Phillips has a troubled history with me, especially after his last film starring Robert Downey Jr., and Zack Galifianakis, Due Date. It was a slightly offensive, not very funny film that didn’t so much push the boundaries of good taste, but cross them.  It almost seemed like a rejection of the... Read More


I found myself much more intrigued with Limitless’s lackluster trailer when Neil Burger’s name came up.  You may remember him as writer and director of the 2006 Sundance film The Illusionist, starring Edward Norton, Jessica Biel and Paul Giamatti. It’s a fantastic little film that never got as much play as it deserved, although it does have an eighty seven percent approval rating from top critics at Rotten Tomatoes. The film was... Read More

The A-Team

I’m at a slight disadvantage when speaking of The A-Team, since I haven’t seen a single episode of the ’80s sitcom. Was it even a sitcom? All I’ve known my whole life is that Mr. T is an ironic cultural icon, kind of like the snuggie.  What I did understand going into see this movie, is that no one is, or should be taking it seriously.  It’s based on a TV show from the ’80s!!  That sets the bar pretty damn... Read More

The Hangover

I’m not one for comedies usually.  My pretensions when it comes to film has reached an all time (and uncomfortable) high right now.  But every once in a while, a comedy will come along that will bring joy to the inner most parts of my soul.  The Hangover has managed to do this.  It seems to be the perfect storm, bringing together my love of Las Vegas, my fear of commitment/relationships, and weirdly identifying with the Fat Jesus character. My... Read More