Red is based on a graphic novel written by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. I’ve not have the opportunity to read it. I’m not sure how those who have came to the conclusion that an amalgam of every bad action movie ever would be better if it was led by a cast of geriatrics. Not that I have anything against the age group, some of my best friends are in that age group.  I can understand Robert Schwentke’s desire to direct a cast... Read More

The Expendables

My sister and her husband got a Beagle puppy at the beginning of last year. It was really young, maybe five weeks old. Too young to determine whether or not the dog would be a good one, or not. As time went on, it seemed Blue (as they named her), had some personality problems. She’s a sweet dog, but not a normal one. They took Blue to obedience school, it helped a little. After that, they hired a local dog whisperer to come over every... Read More

What Just Happened

It seems like Hollywood’s new thing is to make fun of itself. This is what What Just Happened is about. But like most flash-in-the-pan trends (like Chihuahuas, Laguna Beach, and Gary Busey), it gets boring real fast.  Despite its all-star cast, this isn’t much to write home about.  Director Barry Levinson hasn’t directed much of interest either, although he’s produced some good stuff: Wag the Dog, and some of HBO’s... Read More