Killer Inside Me

I had tickets to Killer Inside Me long before all this crazy media attention it’s gotten over the past few days.  Truth be told, I didn’t even know what it was about when I made the purchase.  I just decided to tag along with my brother-in-law when he announced he was going.  Since the premiere, there’s been all sorts of stuff going around about the violence in it.  There’s this article from, which clearly... Read More


Parts of me would love to say that this film was a big pile of steaming, existential bull crap. But I liked it. So I can’t really hold that opinion I guess. Spoiler Alert – Gerry is one part of Gus Van Sant’s ‘Death Trilogy’ (the other films being Elephant, and Last Days), which focus on death at the hands of one’s best friend. There is no plot in this film.  Really, there’s not.  It follows two friends,... Read More