Werner Herzog on The Colbert Report

I don’t often watch The Colbert Report any more. While I’d like to blame Hulu and Comedy Central failing to come to an agreement which pulled the show from the online service last year, the truth is I grow tired of how stupid politics in America are. And no matter how well Colbert points out the idiocy, I still just get frustrated. However, last night’s guest, Werner Herzog, demanded some attention. Of course the director is doing... Read More

SFIFF – Cave of Forgotten Dreams

There has not been a single recent movie released in the past few years–really my whole life–where the inclusion of 3D technology has cause my interest to be piqued more than usual. Until news broke last year, that Werner Herzog was granted limited access to the Chauvet caves in France to film a documentary that would feature the technology. Although I was not originally sure it would really benefit the film in any way, I was sure about... Read More