Inaccessible Director Challenge

The book blogging world just loves their challenges. They do a lot of them. My sister, a book blogger, just completed a summation of all the challenges she attempted in the year 2009. Check out her post here.  There are challenges about the number of books read, the type of book, the type of author, the number of pages.  It’s a handy idea to make sure you’re keeping a variety choices. The film blogging world doesn’t really seem... Read More

Change in Challenge Plans…

So my sister at is hosting a Literature and Film blog-fest. Her rules can be found here.  I wrote about it yesterday…  Her challenge asks you to read 5 books, then see the film adaptations of two of them. Once you’ve reviewed the films and books, you place a link to your posts on her page. Instead of co-hosting, I’m hosting a companion challenge. The rules of my challenge ask you to watch five movies adapted... Read More