Captain America: Why Superhero Movies Are The New Romantic Comedies

Last weekend I went with a few friends to see the sex comedy Friends with Benefits. I went because Will Gluck earned plenty of favorable points with me from Easy A, as much as it bugs me to admit it, I think Justin Timberlake has an entertaining screen presence, and after Black Swan, I’ll take a chance on pretty much anything Mila Kunis does. All of this thrown in with generally favorable reviews (after much wavering, it is finally certified... Read More

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I never quite understood why everyone was so excited with the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was released. It looked kind of good. A little gimmicky, but most Michael Cera movies are, aren’t they? But the extremely good word of mouth the film was creating and a solid rating in the eighties at got me to see what all the fuss was about.  It reminded me that frequently, the buzz surrounding a movie is both true and... Read More


Push is the very definition of derivative filmmaking. But I just don’t care. It was entertaining.  I would even consider this an improvement on director Paul McGuigan’s previous projects Wicker Park and Lucky Number Slevin.  The frenetic, almost Tony Scott-like camera work, and befuddling script work against it, but this is still a quality, mindless movie. As with lots of movies, all the troubles start with the Nazis during World War... Read More