TRON: Legacy

The world has changed considerably since Disney’s original TRON was released in 1982. So has it’s star, Jeff Bridges, you may know his character as Flynn. That didn’t stop the folks at Disney from attempting to graphically recreate a younger face for him, in the film’s sequel, titled TRON: Legacy. For most of the film, this younger face is on a character named Clu. Clu is a program made to run a digital world in some other... Read More


Christopher Nolan has once again proved he is a very, very talented director.  There’s absolutely no denying it after such hits as Batman Begins, Memento, The Dark Night, and now Inception in a short, thirteen year career.  Inception is another installation in his efforts to make the ordinary, extraordinary. A year ago, Nolan mezmerized the world with the action-filled The Dark Knight, And his ability to masquerade an extremely good action... Read More