J. Edgar on Blu-ray

One would think that a biopic about one of the most powerful and controversial men of the last one hundred years would be interesting. Most likely a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser , somewhat a narcissist, J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone. So when you consider what exactly Clint Eastwood is presenting in J. Edgar, it’s disappointing.  And it does seem that Eastwood is either losing focus, or waxing extremely nostalgic in his last... Read More


Clint Eastwood, it seems, is attempting to confront his mortality as literally as possible with his newest, Hereafter. But in the process, it seems he’s not too happy with the reaction he’s getting. There’s an awful lot of what seems to be tsk tsking about a global society that refuses to publicly acknowledge the spirituality of death and what, if anything, comes after it. Peter Morgan, who’s written fantastic films like... Read More


Clint Eastwood just can’t seem to lose. Have you checked out his imdb.com page? It’s ridiculous. Ever since 2003’s Mystic River, he’s directed nothing but bitchin’ films. Changeling is no exception, despite the complaints of many. The story is based on true events that came to pass in Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s.  Christine Collins is a single mother, raising her nine year old son.  She works as telephone operator... Read More