Sundance – Another Happy Day

If I asked you to name some films that take place in New England, where the wedding weekend brings together a painfully dysfunctional famly to butt heads and cry for several days, it wouldn’t be too hard to list a few. Among these are probably Noah Baumbach’s Margot at the Wedding and Jonathan Demme’s Rachel Getting Married. Sam Levinson’s Another Happy Day seems to be a marriage, if you will, between these two earlier films.... Read More

The Joneses

The Joneses comes off as slick and polished as a perfume commercial directed by David Lynch (seriously, have you seen those? Youtube it). At least, in the beginning it does. The Joneses are a family of four, with perfect DNA, and every cool gadget that you could think of it. There’s mom Kate and Steve the dad, played oh so well by Demi Moore and David Duchovny. They have two perfect teens, Jenn and Mick, played by Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth.... Read More