The Awakening

We’ve seen everything in The Awakening before. In movies like The Others, or more recently even, The Woman in Black. This means that, at times, The Awakening is a bit boring, and sometimes even tedious. But that’s not to say it’s not without its charms. Although Awakening is a ghost story, it is also a detective story.  Sherlock Holmes investigates the supernatural as a dedicated disbeliever, and as a woman.  This woman is Florence... Read More


Neil Marshall won a lot of favor with The Descent, and quickly lost it all with the ridiculous Doomsday. This made his next, and fourth film somewhat important. He could be relegated to the likes of Shyamalan, or he could rebound like Danny Boyle after he churned out flops like A Life Less Ordinary. Which path did he choose with Centurion, which both wrote and directed? Well it seems I forgot a third option: following up a turd with a mostly mediocre... Read More