J. Edgar on Blu-ray

One would think that a biopic about one of the most powerful and controversial men of the last one hundred years would be interesting. Most likely a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser , somewhat a narcissist, J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone. So when you consider what exactly Clint Eastwood is presenting in J. Edgar, it’s disappointing.  And it does seem that Eastwood is either losing focus, or waxing extremely nostalgic in his last... Read More


His name is Gus Van Sant, and he’s here to recruit you.  Van Sant seems to be an auteur of the best kind: doing things only because it pleases him.  Don’t believe this?  Watch Gerry.  While all his movies provide something interesting, his forays into mainstream narratives usually yield the greatest rewards.  Milk falls into this category and will please everyone willing to give it a chance. Milk follows the true life story of Harvey... Read More