The Awakening

We’ve seen everything in The Awakening before. In movies like The Others, or more recently even, The Woman in Black. This means that, at times, The Awakening is a bit boring, and sometimes even tedious. But that’s not to say it’s not without its charms. Although Awakening is a ghost story, it is also a detective story.  Sherlock Holmes investigates the supernatural as a dedicated disbeliever, and as a woman.  This woman is Florence... Read More

A Single Man

Tom Ford’s A Single Man was a giant risk for most those involved.  It was a risk for Ford, a beginner film maker and script adapter.  A risk taking a staple of homosexual fiction and turning in to something possibly trite and decidedly unworthy.  A risk for Colin Firth who may have alienated his rom-com following, or presenting as unable to carry a serious role.  Okay, so it wasn’t a risk for Julianne Moore who has no dignity any more... Read More