Our Idiot Brother

Male immaturity seems to be the only strong theme among the comedies of not the last few years. Sure, Bridesmaids attempted to establish a bit of gender equality, but that was certainly the exception, not the rule.  Whether it be a slob who lost the TV-star-love-of-his-life, the potheads that get involved with the trade a little more than they’d like, or, in Our Idiot Brother‘s case, an unwillingness to abandoned the joys and naivete... Read More

The Uninvited

No one should be surprised to see Elizabeth Banks in another film. In 2008, she was nearly ubiquitous, staring in huge films like Oliver Stone’s W., and Kevin Smith’s long anticipated Zack and Miri Make a Porno.  No one can really blame her for slumming it now with The Uninvited.  They can’t all be hits, right?  But even for a teenage horror/thriller, this film doesn’t deliver.  Even with three writers chipping away at... Read More

Role Models

Crassness offends me. Unless it’s hilarious. Which allows me to excuse David Wain’s Role Models, because this movie is hilarious.  You’d think Judd Apatow was the driving force behind this irreverently funny movie, but he’s not.  I’d like to give most of the credit to Wain who directed, and co-wrote the script with Paul Rudd, Ken Marino and Timothy Downing. The spoiler-ific trailer gives most of the plot away.  Two... Read More

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Kevin Smith has been MIA for quite a while, at least he hasn’t made anything interesting since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Many thought Zack and Miri Make A Porno would be a return to the previous genius of Clerks, but, it is not.  Not even close. The story follows two BFFs, Zack (played by garbly voiced Seth Rogan) and Miri (played by the wicked hot Elizabeth Banks).  The two can’t seem to make ends meet, and find their bills piling... Read More


Oliver Stone’s W. isn’t what it appeared to be in the trailer.  It seemed like it would be a lightweight comedy/satire on Bush and his cabinet, slinging mud in their general direction.  I was sad to find out, that this was not the case.  It seems like this is more Alexander Stone, than it is, say, Platoon Stone. I think most people aren’t quite sure what to make of this film.  It comes across as more of a documentary than a satire,... Read More

Oliver Stone’s W.

Opening this Friday nationwide is Oliver Stone’s newest (and perhaps most controversial) film, W. Rumor has it, Josh Brolin (playing Dubb ya) does a mean impersonation, and has the acting chops to back it up.  Whether or not you approved of Bush, or his administration, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most controversial characters in recent political history.  The subject matter will be compelling no matter what, but it... Read More


Sometimes a decent script comes along, and it just happens to fall into the wrong director’s hands.  This happens to be the case with 2005’s Heights, the feature film debut of Chris Terrio.  The film is based on the play by Amy Fox (she adapted it for film as well). Diane (Glenn Close) is a superstar actor living the pretentious life of a New York Shakespearean actor.  While casting for her new stage production, Diane gets a crush on... Read More