Somewhere is a continuation of Sophia Coppola’s melancholy exploration of loneliness. It’s Ms. Coppola’s fourth feature film, and it’s been terribly interesting watching her evolve, and how she experiments with film. First, it was The Virgin Suicides, my personal favorite. A story full of isolation and the melancholy, but also plump full of plot. She departed from the normal expectations of plot in favor of mood and atmosphere... Read More

Reservation Road

Sometimes, even the best of actors can’t save a movie that drowns in its own self-importance. Despite the best efforts of an all-star cast, Reservation Road is a complete disappointment to those expecting more than a Lifetime movie. Director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) may have just proved himself a one hit wonder, and should perhaps, stick to made-for-TV movies. Reservation Road spends no time pretending like it will be a worthwhile movie. ... Read More