Crazy Stupid Love on Blu-ray

Crazy Stupid Love came out in theatres nearly a year ago. I’m usually one to avoid romantic comedies at all costs. Unless, somehow I’m coerced into it on some date, or in a group setting where I can’t politely excuse myself to leave and gauge my eyes out instead. Which is what I’d rather do.  Yes, this even goes for those that received excellent reviews, just like Crazy Stupid Love. However, I’m really into Julianne... Read More

Easy A

Even with a mindnumbingly drab name like Easy A, Will Gluck’s latest film manages to transcend the mold of teenage cautionary tales while still providing some serious laughs and genuine moments. The choice of lead Emma Stone as Olive proves to be inspired, as her presence alone inspires forgiveness of any weakness in the film itself. The story, as anyone with access to media in the last three months might tell you, centers around Olive. Olive... Read More


I’m not  one for that weird horror/comedy genre. I really did not enjoy Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell.  And there are very few exceptions to this rule for me (see: Dead Snow). But director Ruben Fleischer could really change my mind, in a big way.  His feature-length directorial debut, Zombieland, is hilarious, and breathes new life into the zombie genre just when it needed the most (the vampires have been leading the game for years... Read More