Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

Has anyone really decided what this film is called yet? It’s on IMDb under The Boat that Rocked, Fandango has it as Pirate Radio, the theatre that I went to see it at displayed a poster with The Boat that Rocked, I’m confused.  And so, must have been director Richard Curtis, since it became apparent during the showing that he didn’t really know what he wanted to say.  The most representative advertising the film did, was to say,... Read More


Wit is one of the first films I ever saw that made me realize that movies can go beyond entertainment, that all actors are not created equal, and it’s not a requirement to leave a movie feeling happy, or enthralled with explosions and gun fights. After my first viewing, I ran to my dial-up internet connection, confused as to why I had never heard of Emma Thompson. Why hadn’t she been shoved in my face like Angelina Jolie or Demi Moore?... Read More

Brideshead Revisited

It’s difficult to compare this movie to the novel it’s based off of when I’ve never read it.  But if the film is similar to the book, I think that I’ll probably pass on it (no offense to Evelyn Waugh).  There is so much content shoved into this 1 hour and 40 minute film, I never really quite understood what direction director Julian Jarrold wanted to go. The first third of the film was incestuously and erotically charged... Read More