Blindness – A Book Review

For my first Lit Flicks Challenge book, I chose to read Blindness by Nobel prize winner Jose Saramago. The book was optioned in to a movie. I caught a glimpse of it a few months ago, and can’t wait to see it. It is an official selection of the Toronto Film Festival, as well as the Cannes Festival. Blindness is the story of a society who’s citizens start going blind at an exponential rate.  It follows a group of people who are quarantined... Read More


Going to see X-Piles wasn’t a complete waste of time.  Well, the 100 minutes of tense music, enthusiastic Mulder and perpetually skeptical Scully was a waste of time, but the trailers before hand provided some very interesting prospects for the near future.  Of which the most promising is Blindness. This movie seems to have everything going for it.  Literally, everything.  It’s directed by Fernando Meirelles.  The man we can thank... Read More