Robot & Frank

Is it impossible not to be charmed by a film about a retired cat burglar who becomes friends with his robot care taker, who then become burgling together? Almost. Especially in the capable hands of a man as talented as Frank Langella. It is he who plays the titular Frank. Robot is voiced by a HAL9000-sounding Peter Sarsgaard.  Frank’s children are played by Liv Tyler and James Marsden, and he has a marginal romantic admiration for a local... Read More


While Frost/Nixon is, in fact, a great film, it’s easy to see why Americans, and particularly those responsible for delegating awards, are giving it such recognition.  People are pining for a piece that not only nails an arrogant, unrepentant president, but forces him to admit his wrongdoings in the end.  It’s all so relevant.  Painfully so.  However, this observation should not be considered a discredit to director Ron Howard, the... Read More