I want to rub this trailer all over me – The Loneliest Planet

It’s been a while since I wanted to rub a trailer all over me so hard. I kind of want to take this one out behind the high school and get it pregnant. I once went backpacking alone in the Caucasus. Nothing intense happened. But I did meet a beautiful French girl also traveling solo, and we kept each other company for a week. The Loneliest Planet has so much going for it. Awesome locale? The Caucasus Mountains in Georgia (the country).... Read More

Even the Rain

Icíar Bollaín’s latest film Even the Rain is as unabashedly political as it is entertaining.  A rare feat for a movie that has such an obvious and finger wagging agenda.  But it is all pulled off without a hitch.  Almost. Rain examines globalization as a form of forced colonialism in the context of modern day Bolivia as a European film crew settle on Cochabamba (Bolivia’s third largest city) as a cheap and acceptable filming locale.... Read More

The Limits of Control

It seems I constantly regret not being more familiar with Jim Jarmusch’s work. Since the last time I wrote about him, despite being offered several good selections, I still haven’t seen much of his. However, now I can add The Limits of Control to this short list, and despite being an exercise in patience, it leaves me wanting more. Jarmusch wrote the script for this film, and its minimalism is intriguing in the same way I very much enjoyed... Read More

Sin Nombre

It’s refreshing to watch a film that deals with gangs and illegal immigration that doesn’t have a cute little boy who’s separated (Under the Same Moon makes me want to throw up).  But Sin Nombre avoids those cliches and makes for one great film. The film is written and directed by Cary Fukunaga (I’m not familiar with her other work).  The big names attached to the project would be the executive producers, Gael Garcia Bernal... Read More

The King

The King is one of those subtly disquieting movies that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves because of a lesser known cast, or the fact it’s independent, or else…well, I’ve never understood why people ignore good films. Released in 2005, The King was written and directed by James Marsh.  Previous to this film, Marsh had directed a few films, but nothing of note.  He currently has a documentary doing the art house... Read More