Paul was completely lost on me. Although, I’m not sure what I was expecting. I’m one of a very, very small majority that didn’t think much of Hot Fuzz, or Shaun of the Dead, and I’d sooner put David Mitchell and Robert Webb up as British comedy royalty than Nick Frost or Simon Pegg. In fact, all I kept thinking through the ridiculously protracted 104-minute runtime is how lucky I was Kristen Wiig was making this watchable... Read More


The Sundance darling of 2009 was clearly decided before it even started. People have been waiting for Greg Mottola’s followup to Superbad for quite a while now, and Adventureland is it. Although the film shouldn’t have been purchased before the festival (or at least not before the P.I. screenings), trailers for Adventureland were played nationwide before Doubt.  It’s crap like this that give all those naysayers ammo when they... Read More