Interview with Noah Baumbach about Frances Ha

  If you haven’t seen Frances Ha yet and are able to do so, go see it.  I couldn’t recommend it more, especially if you’re a fan of Noah Baumbach who sat down with me at the San Francisco International Film Festival to discuss the film, co-writing and directing leading lady Greta Gerwig, why he doesn’t want you to ask him if he wants to direct a superhero movie.  Check out my interview with Greta Gerwig here. The script... Read More

Interview with Greta Gerwig about Frances Ha

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Noah Baumbach if I tried. His latest film is a black and white comedy called Frances Ha. Greta Gerwig plays the titular character in the completely charming movie and took a moment to sit down and chat with me at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Why do you think you are so good at portraying women in different crises. I don’t know, those are just the parts I get! You’re good at them! The... Read More

SFIFF – The Dish and the Spoon

In the opening scene of The Dish and the Spoon, from director Alison Bagnall, we’re introduced to a woman named Rose, driving a car while experiencing some sort of emotional trauma. She stumbles into a convenience store, grabs a six pack of beer and some doughnuts and takes her incoherent fit to a new level when she realizes she doesn’t have her wallet with her. Her distress obvious, the cashier gives her the items and she continues... Read More