Two Lovers

I, for one, was not upset when Joaquin Phoenix announced his recent retirement from acting to focus on some sort of freestyle rap career. While being touted as one of the greatest actors of his generation by highly esteemed critics such as Rollingstone’s Peter Travers, he’s managed to display an extremely high level of douchebaggery. And if this does turn out to be a publicity stunt engineered by Joaquin himself, Casey Affleck, and Joaquin’s... Read More

Wild at Heart

Continuing my self-education of the films of David Lynch, 1990’s Wild at Heart shot right to the front of my queue after watching Blue Velvet.  The story is no less shocking, no less provocative, and certainly not any more tame than one would expect from Lynch. Lula (Laura Dern) and Sailor (Nic Cage) are two reckless, young lovers, bent on spending their days doing the dirty and writhing around the dance floor at heavy metal rock concerts. ... Read More

Blue Velvet

Finding Inland Empire far too inaccessible for a David Lynch beginner, someone recommended I watch Blue Velvet.  Released in 1986, this film is a masterpiece.  A terrifying masterpiece. The story follows Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan), a college student who’s returned from his studies to help out at his father’s hardware store after some sort of incident left the father in the hospital.  While walking to the hospital, he comes across... Read More