Love and Other Drugs

The theatres, in my area at least, are in a very sad state. It goes without saying, that this is highly unusual for this time of the year, and I have to wonder where did all the good film go? As a result, I was driven to watch Love and Other Drugs out of desperation, which ended up being a mix between A Walk To Remember and The Notebook. With better actors that got naked a lot. I did feel slightly duped by the film I saw. I felt it was marketed... Read More


Jim Sheridan’s latest film Brothers is neither a failure, nor a triumph.  In fact, it’s difficult to define what, exactly, it is.  At times it’s an interesting examination of the way war affects everyone both directly and peripherally.  At other times, Brothers seem to think it’s supposed to be a frightening psychological thriller.  I suppose it really it is both, but is uneven on both counts. Captain Sam Cahill (Tobey... Read More