Welcome to the Rileys

Kristin Stewart is continuing on her crusade to try and distance herself from the Twilight series, and establish herself as a serious actress.  Last year she did it with Adventureland, and this year, she has a couple films at Sundance.  In one, she plays Joan Jett, and in it has a lesbian love scene with Dakota Fanning.  In the other, Welcome to the Rileys, she plays a 16 year old, runaway, making ends meet in New Orleans as a part-time exotic... Read More

Where the Wild Things Are

I’ve been stewing over my review of Where the Wild Things Are for a full seven days now.  Mostly I’m baffled at how much I enjoyed it, and how well it was done.   The book, I’m told, was one of my favorites growing up.  Still, I felt no allegiance to the film, and when everyone was blown away by the first trailer, I just didn’t get it.  Not to mention, it’s hard to get pumped about James Gandolfini as the voice of... Read More