Robot & Frank

Is it impossible not to be charmed by a film about a retired cat burglar who becomes friends with his robot care taker, who then become burgling together? Almost. Especially in the capable hands of a man as talented as Frank Langella. It is he who plays the titular Frank. Robot is voiced by a HAL9000-sounding Peter Sarsgaard.  Frank’s children are played by Liv Tyler and James Marsden, and he has a marginal romantic admiration for a local... Read More

Sex Drive

Sex Drive falls somewhere in between a horrible teenage movie, and the genius of the uber-crass hits of Judd Apatow, like Superbad.  It’s definitely not one or the other, but it does provide a few laugh-out-loud moments. Directed and co-written by relative newcomer Sean Anders, Sex Drive follows horned up virgin Ian (Josh Zuckerman).  Concerned at the fact he’s eighteen and has yet to ‘become a man,’ he photoshops a picture... Read More


Sometimes a decent script comes along, and it just happens to fall into the wrong director’s hands.  This happens to be the case with 2005’s Heights, the feature film debut of Chris Terrio.  The film is based on the play by Amy Fox (she adapted it for film as well). Diane (Glenn Close) is a superstar actor living the pretentious life of a New York Shakespearean actor.  While casting for her new stage production, Diane gets a crush on... Read More