We Need to Talk About Kevin

My sister really tried to get me to read Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk About Kevin. But she refused, unbeknownst to me, to give up any major plot points besides the basics. Which is the greatest gift she could have ever given me.  While I’d love to explain to everyone exactly why that We Need to Talk About Kevin is so worth reading and watching, I’m going to be as vague as possible.  The greatest thing you could do is go... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Carnage

Rapery aside, I like Roman Polanski’s work. It’s easy to remember that with The Ghost Writer fresh in my memory. It seems his upcoming film, Carnage is widely anticipated, and rightly so. The film is an actor’s showcase, taking place in a single apartment, and features what is virtually a single conversation between two couples after their children are involved in an altercation. I love these sorts of dialogue heavy films, and... Read More

SFIFF – Interview With Azazel Jacobs and Creed Bratton of Terri

Terri held the honor of the Centerpiece Film at the San Francisco International Film Festival this year. It’s directed by Azazel Jacobs, written by Patrick DeWitt and stars John C. Reilly, Creed Bratton, and Jacob Wysocki.  Terri first screened at Sundance and had locked down distribution even before that (it should be coming to a theater near you sometime soon!).  Azazel and Creed agreed to an interview for your enjoyment. BG: Azazel, can... Read More

SFIFF – Terri

Azazel Jacobs really came to the attention of film folk at Sundance in 2008 with a well-received film named Momma’s Man. But we haven’t heard anything from him since, until his new film Terri arrived on the festival scene this year. It held the honor of Centerpiece Film at SFIFF, and screened to a sold out crowd. This time, Azazel was working with a much more recognizable cast, including the comedic force that is John C. Reilly, and... Read More

1001 Movie Club: Magnolia

It’s that time of the month again. Time for the films of the 1001 Movies You Must See Club. I was super stoked when Magnolia was picked, as it’s one of my all-time favorite films, but one of my all-time favorite directors.  This is one of the few films that assures me that I have some sort of idea of what makes a good film, as I saw it in 1999 when it was released, and loved it even back then, when I was 14 and had no knowledge of cinema... Read More

Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant is, I’m certain, the first of several films that will help take vampires from their current status as emo-hunks with sensitive sides, and send them down a shame spiral where they’ll hit rock bottom, and be forced to stay in hiding until someone reinvents them again.  Seriously, this film is a mess. Freak is based on a young adult book series of the same name.  It’s the first in a planned... Read More