Trailer For The Rum Diary, And It’s Awesome

Johnny Depp loves all things Hunter S. Thompson, and I love all things when the two of them are mixed. In The Rum Diary, Depp plays a New Yorker who moves to Puerto Rico to work as a journalist. As per Hunter standards, he quickly discovers there’s a comically darker side to paradise. Behind Depp, there’s a killer cast that promise to make Diary unmissable, including Richard Jenkins, Aaron Eckhart, Amber Heard, and Giovanni Ribisi. The... Read More

The Tourist

After watching The Tourist, I felt betrayed, like I had been lied to. Perhaps it’s unfair of me to have such high expectations for Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. After all, every director produces a bad film once in a while. But I feel so let down when I was expecting champagne, and he came through with wine out of a box. And like wine in a box, it’ll get you drunk, but you won’t enjoy drinking it. And you sure as hell feel... Read More

Directors and Their Muses

The relationship between director and leading man/woman, is one that has fascinated me for quite some time.  There are several that I was aware from the beginning of my film awakening.  But the idea became most prevalent while watching Ingmar Bergman’s oeuvre.  I was in awe of the fact that Bergman chose to stick with the same actors for the most part, and it worked.  It worked really well. Liv Ullman, Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson,... Read More