Inception on Blu-ray

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan spent ten years writing the script for Inception. Truth be told, this barely seems like enough time to wrap one’s mind around so creative a world, let alone think it all up.  Of course, Nolan had the wiggle room that a dream world provides.  There is no exact defining of the relationships between reality and dreams, or to a dream within a dream within a dream, what is possible, what is not possible.  Still,... Read More


Christopher Nolan has once again proved he is a very, very talented director.  There’s absolutely no denying it after such hits as Batman Begins, Memento, The Dark Night, and now Inception in a short, thirteen year career.  Inception is another installation in his efforts to make the ordinary, extraordinary. A year ago, Nolan mezmerized the world with the action-filled The Dark Knight, And his ability to masquerade an extremely good action... Read More

(500) Days of Summer

I can’t say that (500) Days of Summer is an exceptionally original film.  The plot, the formula of the whole thing is almost what you’d call derivative.  For this reason, it’s difficult to understand why exactly I liked this film so much. It’s refreshing to see what is advertised as a romantic comedy (it’s not, I promise) from the male perspective.  While not all rom-coms are from the woman’s point of view, it... Read More