Tabloid tells, without a doubt, the most batshit crazy, strangest story I think I’ve ever heard told in documentary form.  My jaw dropped during the first few minutes of the film, and I remained in an entertained state of shock throughout the remainder.  Errol Morris, who directed Tabloid is coming off his last film, the extremely poorly received Standard Operating Procedure, and he has firmly reminded us all why he’s an Academy Award-winning... Read More

I want to rub this trailer all over me – Tabloid

One of the clear highlights of the San Francisco International Film Festival was Errol Morris’s latest film Tabloid. It’s a totally insane story of a woman named Joyce McKinney who allegedly followed a Mormon missionary to England, kidnapped him, raped him in a ‘love cottage’ for three days, escaped to America pretending to be a deaf mute actor, and eventually having her dog cloned in Korea. Allegedly.  And that’s... Read More