Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen’s wild embracing of cities that are not New York City works for him very well. With his latest film Midnight in Paris, he has written a love poem to Paris that verges on pornography for francophiles. Or, more specifically, those with a healthy adoration of The City of Love.  Somehow, Allen manages to capture the enchanting city, its art, its je ne sais quoi… in all its glory. Romantic seems to not accurately describe Midnight... Read More

Revolutionary Road

Every year, everyone has issues with the Academy’s nominees. It’s no secret that Oscar doesn’t usually recognize the best pictures of the year, and everyone likes to point that out. Myself included. It seems that this year, his biggest misstep is ignoring Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road.  I mean, what the hell?  The mess of a movie The Reader gets a best picture nod, and the only bone that gets thrown to Road is a best... Read More