Matt Asleton’s Gigantic is a gigantic failure.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but it was too easy to use that line.  What Gigantic does suffer from, is this odd trend in the past 10 years that favors indie-films that are about as quirky as can be (see: Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, and a load of more poorly made films).  When it comes down to it, there’s nothing that seperates this flick, from those that came before it. Paul Dano plays... Read More

The Informers

Perhaps it’s the fact that director Gregor Jordan (who has made multiple appearances at Sundance since 1996) compared himself to Robert Altman, and this film to Short Cuts during the Q&A, but The Informers is just a film that I can’t jump behind.  You could also chalk it up to not understanding a single thing that came out of the eighties (I was 5 in 1989).  Or the fact that the movie was just too disjointed to be enjoyable.  Either... Read More