The Sundance darling of 2009 was clearly decided before it even started. People have been waiting for Greg Mottola’s followup to Superbad for quite a while now, and Adventureland is it. Although the film shouldn’t have been purchased before the festival (or at least not before the P.I. screenings), trailers for Adventureland were played nationwide before Doubt.  It’s crap like this that give all those naysayers ammo when they... Read More


Twilight, as a movie, is a joke.  Literally.  It’s hilarious.  But I don’t think it’s supposed to be.  If you can’t find cash to see this film you can look into payday loans or wait till this hits the dollar theater and just save the money. It’s actually kind of insulting to the women who fall all over themselves for Edward Cullen (Robert Pattison who’s apparently come into his own since a brief stint as Cederic... Read More