J. Edgar on Blu-ray

One would think that a biopic about one of the most powerful and controversial men of the last one hundred years would be interesting. Most likely a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser , somewhat a narcissist, J. Edgar Hoover had dirt on everyone. So when you consider what exactly Clint Eastwood is presenting in J. Edgar, it’s disappointing.  And it does seem that Eastwood is either losing focus, or waxing extremely nostalgic in his last... Read More

Inception on Blu-ray

Rumor has it that Christopher Nolan spent ten years writing the script for Inception. Truth be told, this barely seems like enough time to wrap one’s mind around so creative a world, let alone think it all up.  Of course, Nolan had the wiggle room that a dream world provides.  There is no exact defining of the relationships between reality and dreams, or to a dream within a dream within a dream, what is possible, what is not possible.  Still,... Read More


Christopher Nolan has once again proved he is a very, very talented director.  There’s absolutely no denying it after such hits as Batman Begins, Memento, The Dark Night, and now Inception in a short, thirteen year career.  Inception is another installation in his efforts to make the ordinary, extraordinary. A year ago, Nolan mezmerized the world with the action-filled The Dark Knight, And his ability to masquerade an extremely good action... Read More

Shutter Island

Beware, there are huge spoilers here. Seriously. I give away the whole movie. I won’t deny that Martin Scorsese has more talent than more directors working today. He’s pretty much a genius. His full skill set is on display in Shutter Island, but that’s really all this movie has going for it. The premise, based on the book by Dennis Lehane (and adapted for the big screen by Laeta Kalogridis) is completely obvious from the trailer.... Read More

Revolutionary Road

Every year, everyone has issues with the Academy’s nominees. It’s no secret that Oscar doesn’t usually recognize the best pictures of the year, and everyone likes to point that out. Myself included. It seems that this year, his biggest misstep is ignoring Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road.  I mean, what the hell?  The mess of a movie The Reader gets a best picture nod, and the only bone that gets thrown to Road is a best... Read More

Body of Lies

Ridley Scott has made it clear that he will no longer be making anything that’s much better than a Michael Bay movie. This sucks, I know, but the proof is on his imdb.com page. While Body of Lies isn’t horrible, there’s nothing in it that is compelling.  It’s a pre-packaged war thriller that wants to shove it’s political message down your throat. Leonardo DiCaprio and the completely overrated Russell Crowe team up... Read More