I want to rub this trailer all over me – Love Crime

Ludivine Sagnier? Kristin Scott Thomas? Sexual (French) tension? Murder? Yes, please.  Read More

Sundance – The Devil’s Double

Saddam Hussein’s regime seems like an obvious story for a film, but not so much an independent one. Imagine my surprise when there just happened to be one at Sundance, called The Devil’s Double, starring two of the best young actors out there, Dominic Cooper (of History Boys and An Education) and Ludivine Sagnier (of Girl Cut in Two and Mesrine). Instead of focusing directly on Saddam, in typical Sundance style, New Zealand’s Lee... Read More

A Girl Cut in Two (La Fille coupée en deux)

French master of suspense Claude Chabrol has come out with a powerful psycho-sexual thriller that will both enthrall and entertain you.  Chabrol also directed 2005’s critically acclaimed Comedy of Power, and the equally successful The Bridesmaid.  Including his latest A Girl Cut in Two, Chabrol explores the darker side of the Bourgeois, it’s fascinating. The script was co-written by Chabrol, and Cécile Maistre.  The story follows... Read More