Where have all the movie stars gone?

To the world of television, it seems. Am I the only confused as to why so many great film actors are heading to the small screen? Coming this fall, Maria Bello will be taking her turn as a tough-as-nails detective named Jane Timoney in a series called Prime Suspect. ¬†You’ve probably seen the promos of her all bruised, beaten, bitten, and eating breakfast next a murder victim. Granted, this is an American take on a highly-praised police procedural... Read More

The Company Men

The Company Men touches on the very sensitive subjects of layoffs, unemployment, and unethical corporate conduct. When broaching these subjects in film, especially for those films that champion the working man that embodies the American spirit, filmmakers walk a thin line between triteness and self-proclaimed gravitas. Fortunately, John Wells, who wrote and directed The Company Men avoided these many pitfalls and stereotypes and etched out a fitting... Read More