Not since last year’s Rachel Getting Married have I squirmed so much in my seat while watching a film.  And just like RGM, it wasn’t a pleasant, awkward feeling like when you watch Michael Scott’s antics on The Office, this was full on I-wish-I-could-excuse-myself uneasiness.  A whole string of recent Hollywood blockbusters concerning ‘bromances,’ have made the American male feel more and more at ease with showing their... Read More

The Puffy Chair

The Puffy Chair is one of those seriously low-budget, independent films that reminds you that you really don’t need a $100 million dollars to create a bitchin’ film. I chose to watch this film after last weekend’s viewing of Baghead, (click here to read that review) a more recent film from the Duplass brothers, and couldn’t have been more satisfied.  Released on the festival circuit in 2005, and a limited release in north... Read More


The premise of Baghead is simple. After begrudgingly watching a friend’s slightly successful film at L.A.’s Underground Film Festival, four friends decide to go to a remote cabin in the woods for the weekend to write a film with a role for each of them that will jump start their careers. When they get to the cabin, one of group dreams of a man with a bag over his head terrorizing the group. This, becomes the premise of the script they... Read More