The Kids Are All Right

I realize that I’m a little Johnny-Come-Lately when it comes to The Kids Are All Right, but I can’t help but share my enthusiasm for this film. I will note that my tardiness is partly due to the lack of screenings in Salt Lake City.  I knew from all the reports that this is a movie I would really enjoy.  Julianne Moore is a genius (suck it haters).  And Annette Benning even more so.  And they play a lesbian couple named Nic and Jules?... Read More

The Brothers Bloom

The critical success of Rian Johnson’s Brick gave him a lot of freedom for his second feature film The Brothers Bloom.  Unfortunately, like a lot of other directors, with this new found freedom of better actors, and a higher budget, this writer/director fell into some of the same pitfalls as directors like Guy Ritchie: all style, very little substance.  Johnson himself stated that he based his three main characters on those of Homer’s... Read More

Reservation Road

Sometimes, even the best of actors can’t save a movie that drowns in its own self-importance. Despite the best efforts of an all-star cast, Reservation Road is a complete disappointment to those expecting more than a Lifetime movie. Director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda) may have just proved himself a one hit wonder, and should perhaps, stick to made-for-TV movies. Reservation Road spends no time pretending like it will be a worthwhile movie. ... Read More


Blindness has enjoyed a wide release for one day now, and already, the naysayers are complaining. ‘Why should we watch something so sad?’ ‘What’s redeeming about a film that makes me think?’ Blindness isn’t as noble as the book it’s based on, but should be seen, nonetheless.  For those that rely on the cinema solely for escapism, avoid this film, stick to romantic comedies.  But those of the opinion that... Read More


Going to see X-Piles wasn’t a complete waste of time.  Well, the 100 minutes of tense music, enthusiastic Mulder and perpetually skeptical Scully was a waste of time, but the trailers before hand provided some very interesting prospects for the near future.  Of which the most promising is Blindness. This movie seems to have everything going for it.  Literally, everything.  It’s directed by Fernando Meirelles.  The man we can thank... Read More