It’s not often that one medium of artful expression can get me so excited about another one. But Howl managed to do just that. This is, perhaps, the films best, and most delightful trait. The words of Allen Ginsberg are turned into a vibrant world of self-expression, and not just lines in a book with no countenance of their own to speak of. James Franco is Allen Ginsberg. The film is directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman who also... Read More


Red is based on a graphic novel written by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. I’ve not have the opportunity to read it. I’m not sure how those who have came to the conclusion that an amalgam of every bad action movie ever would be better if it was led by a cast of geriatrics. Not that I have anything against the age group, some of my best friends are in that age group.  I can understand Robert Schwentke’s desire to direct a cast... Read More