Happy Feet Two on Blu-ray

Every time a Pixar film comes out, I feel a little bit dead inside. They generally don’t speak to me. I’m not charmed by them like most people seem to be. I’ve generally stopped watching them because I prefer to avoid that awkward moments when someone asks me exactly how much I loved it.  This is one of the reasons that I rarely watch animated films.  I have not seen Happy Feet.  But now I really want to.  Happy Feet Two was... Read More

True Grit

The western genre is one that I’m not familiar with. The extent of my classic western knowledge boils down to High Noon, and The Searchers.  Of the modern westerns, sure, I’ve seen 3:10 to Yuma, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Appaloosa, but that’s about it. Although, I did learn quite a bit about the genre from Movie Moxie’s latest podcast. I’ve decided not to review the Coen brother’s... Read More


Clint Eastwood, it seems, is attempting to confront his mortality as literally as possible with his newest, Hereafter. But in the process, it seems he’s not too happy with the reaction he’s getting. There’s an awful lot of what seems to be tsk tsking about a global society that refuses to publicly acknowledge the spirituality of death and what, if anything, comes after it. Peter Morgan, who’s written fantastic films like... Read More


Parts of me would love to say that this film was a big pile of steaming, existential bull crap. But I liked it. So I can’t really hold that opinion I guess. Spoiler Alert – Gerry is one part of Gus Van Sant’s ‘Death Trilogy’ (the other films being Elephant, and Last Days), which focus on death at the hands of one’s best friend. There is no plot in this film.  Really, there’s not.  It follows two friends,... Read More