I want to rub this trailer all over me – Amour

Michael Haneke has taught me that I’m a masochist. I love him, and hate him for revealing this self-truth. I can’t help but eagerly absorb anything he puts out, even though that usually leads to an experience where I’m tossed around like a play thing and I inevitably leave it feeling battered and bruised, but grateful. Two years ago, the folks at Cannes seem to have affirmed they are the same as I. Haneke took home the... Read More

Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier, at work again

Mr. Michael Haneke has finally decided what his next film will be.  Although he doesn’t seem like one to worry what critics or audiences will think (have you seen The Seventh Continent?), there is a certain amount of pressure considering his last film, The White Ribbon won the Palm D’or at the last Cannes festival.  Isabella Huppert is reportedly signed on to the project.  She and Haneke have worked together before in The Piano Teacher... Read More

Here’s to you Mr. Haneke

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Here’s to all of Michael Haneke’s films now being available on Netflix instant streaming.  Except The White Ribbon, of course.  Should you feel inclined, I highly recommend The Seventh Continent.  Just be sure you’re not depressed when you watch it.  It may push you off the edge.  Read More

The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band)

Articulating why I love Michael Haneke films so much is difficult. I’m not sure why I saw Funny Games three times. Or why The Piano Teacher got a five star rating from me on Netflix. There’s no comfort or solace found in his work. I didn’t walk away from Cache feeling uplifted. I suppose it’s the fact that among all the directors working today, his movies are, for me, the most thought-provoking. I leave the theatre with... Read More

Too Little Too Late

Sundance has been over for a week now. I went through this weird withdrawal/movie fatigue phase after it was all done. I was confused when I’d get up for the day, or after I’d get off work and there was no direction for me. I wasn’t supposed to hop in my truck and drive to the mountains to see movies. I had nothing to do. Well that’s how I felt anyway. I eventually found other things to do. I rediscovered ‘Celebrity Rehab,’... Read More