Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen’s wild embracing of cities that are not New York City works for him very well. With his latest film Midnight in Paris, he has written a love poem to Paris that verges on pornography for francophiles. Or, more specifically, those with a healthy adoration of The City of Love.  Somehow, Allen manages to capture the enchanting city, its art, its je ne sais quoi… in all its glory. Romantic seems to not accurately describe Midnight... Read More

TRON: Legacy

The world has changed considerably since Disney’s original TRON was released in 1982. So has it’s star, Jeff Bridges, you may know his character as Flynn. That didn’t stop the folks at Disney from attempting to graphically recreate a younger face for him, in the film’s sequel, titled TRON: Legacy. For most of the film, this younger face is on a character named Clu. Clu is a program made to run a digital world in some other... Read More

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Yes. My head is hung in shame. I saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.  But in my defense, there were several factors that not only suggested I see it, but pretty much forced me too.  The least of these include headlining actors Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy (and more timidly I’ll admit that I’ve had this weird crush on Rhona Mitra since she played part of that creepy brother/sister serial killer team in Nip/Tuck).  Sheen blew me away... Read More


While Frost/Nixon is, in fact, a great film, it’s easy to see why Americans, and particularly those responsible for delegating awards, are giving it such recognition.  People are pining for a piece that not only nails an arrogant, unrepentant president, but forces him to admit his wrongdoings in the end.  It’s all so relevant.  Painfully so.  However, this observation should not be considered a discredit to director Ron Howard, the... Read More