Farewell (L’affaire Farewell)

It’s surprising there aren’t many films concerning the actual events that lead up to the fall of the USSR and communism. Especially considering how dramatic they are. It’s these exact events that are the focus of Christian Carion’s thriller Farewell (L’affaire Farewell). And his principle characters are two of the biggest names in European acting today, Serbian director Emir Kusturica, and French director Guillaume... Read More

A Prophet (Un prophète)

Jacques Audiard, who has long been considered a French master, takes his work in a completely new direction with his latest project A Prophet.  While I was extremely happy with his previous style (The Beat My Heart Skipped, still ranks in my top ten favorite movies of all time), his new focus is infinitely more broad, and brings a new sense of realism to the table that I could stare at for hours (and ended up doing just that since the film runs around... Read More