Martin McDonagh takes a break from Broadway to bring us his first film since ‘In Bruges’

Martin McDonagh, the man who finds humor in the very darkest places has brought us two movies up until this point. The first a short film, named Six Shooter, which won him an Oscar in 2005. The second, the brutally hilarious and touching In Bruges, starring Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and Brandan Gleeson, which I am a huge fan.  In Bruges was Sundance’s opening film in 2008 and McDonagh received another Oscar nom for Best Original Screenplay.... Read More


Neil Marshall won a lot of favor with The Descent, and quickly lost it all with the ridiculous Doomsday. This made his next, and fourth film somewhat important. He could be relegated to the likes of Shyamalan, or he could rebound like Danny Boyle after he churned out flops like A Life Less Ordinary. Which path did he choose with Centurion, which both wrote and directed? Well it seems I forgot a third option: following up a turd with a mostly mediocre... Read More

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace had a lot working against it: one of the worst theme songs ever written (that Garbage song has finally been topped as the worst of the series!), a lackluster, boring Bond girl, a weird name, and a director (Marc Forster) who has immense talent (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball), but has never directed an action flick before.  The result gets your adrenaline pumping, but leaves much to be desired. The movie begins right where... Read More

Max Payne

Max Payne is the latest in a string of horrible projects Mark Wahlberg has chosen to be a part off (see The Happening, Shooter etc.). Although this movie is based on a film, this critic has never played the game (or heard of it before the film came out). Max Payne is a hard ass detective, hardened by the murder of his perfect wife, and beautiful new born baby. That’s really all the background we’re given, two lines of dialogue. So don’t... Read More