Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Updating a hit from the eighties may be Oliver Stone scraping at the bottom of a his proverbial barrel, but it seems that it works for him a bit. After years of hits and misses, well, mostly misses, it’s a refreshing to have a film from the iconic director that doesn’t totally suck. And as relevant as the actual Wall Street was in the late eighties, it is even more relevant today.  Best of all, Stone doesn’t skimp on the true... Read More


Oliver Stone’s W. isn’t what it appeared to be in the trailer.  It seemed like it would be a lightweight comedy/satire on Bush and his cabinet, slinging mud in their general direction.  I was sad to find out, that this was not the case.  It seems like this is more Alexander Stone, than it is, say, Platoon Stone. I think most people aren’t quite sure what to make of this film.  It comes across as more of a documentary than a satire,... Read More

Oliver Stone’s W.

Opening this Friday nationwide is Oliver Stone’s newest (and perhaps most controversial) film, W. Rumor has it, Josh Brolin (playing Dubb ya) does a mean impersonation, and has the acting chops to back it up.  Whether or not you approved of Bush, or his administration, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most controversial characters in recent political history.  The subject matter will be compelling no matter what, but it... Read More